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Yummy Tummy Gluten Free Prepared Meals

Yummy Tummy is a prepared meal service that provides a service to families on the go with no time to cook but want a home-made meal as well as families with gluten free diet needs.  It is important to our company to provide food that will appeal to everyone regardless of gluten sensitivity. Yummy Tummy also does special request as well as catering when booked in advance.  Yummy Tummy's food follows a gluten free diet, not to be confused with low fat diet.  

Most of Yummy Tummy's meals require to be cooked when your family is ready to enjoy them.  Some meals can also be frozen for later use.  All of the precooking, preparation and assembly has been done and will be given to you in an oven-ready container.  Just take out of the refrigerator and put in the oven.  Walk away and dinner is done!
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Gluten Free Diet Information and links for research

I get it if you don't want to take the time to read about gluten-free diets. Just watch this video and it will help explain what it is all about :)
Outspoken host of The View shares tips from her new book, The G Free